*Lesson plans are subject to change based on student acquisition and scheduling issues.
Monday 8/15
Lesson Plans

Introductory Material (pass out textbooks, label supplies, preview Bible homework for the week)
Bible: Lesson 1 Day 1

Tuesday 8/16
What is social studies? Detective #1 - Historian. Begin historical inquiry activity.
Bible: Lesson 1 Day 2
Social Studies: ISN Note to be signed by parent and student

Wednesday 8/17
Continue historical inquiry activity.
Bible: Lesson 1 Day 3
Social Studies: ISN illustrated outline
Social Studies Extra Credit: What happened to Ankhesenamun? paragraph

Thursday 8/18
Primary vs. Secondary Sources
Bible: Lesson 1 Day 4

Friday 8/19
Continue primary vs. secondary sources
Bible: Lesson 1 Day 5
Social Studies: Primary Source vs. Secondary source worksheet

M 8/22
Joseph (Genesis 37)
Bible: Lesson 2 Day 1
Bible: Little Book (Joseph's Dreams) due Friday

T 8/23
When did it happen? Timeline lesson plan
Bible: Lesson 2 Day 2
Social Studies: CPS quiz corrections (Parent Signature required)

W 8/24
Continue timeline lesson plan
Bible: Lesson 2 Day 3

R 8/25
Who took part in it? Culture lesson plan
Bible: Lesson 2 Day 4
Social Studies: ISN Annotated Illustration

F 8/26
Continue culture lesson plan
Bible: Lesson 2 Day 5

M 8/29
Joseph (Genesis 39 & 40)
Bible: Lesson 3 Day 1
Bible: Little Book (Butler and baker's dream illustrations) due Friday

T 8/30
Detective #2 - Geographer. ("Where is it?") Begin map skills including latitude and longitude.
Bible: Lesson 3 Day 2
Social Studies: ISN Notebook Check #1 quiz corrections (parent signature required)

W 8/31
Field trip to Egyptian exhibit at the TN State Museum!!
Continue map skills and latitude and longitude.
Bible: Lesson 3 Day 3
Social Studies: Egyptian exhibit participation worksheet

R 9/1
PowerPoint evaluation of museum G.R.A.P.E.S. pictures
Latitude and Longitude review games
Bible: Lesson 3 Day 4

F 9/2
Map Skills centers
Bible: Lesson 3 Day 5
Social Studies: Student/Parent ISN checklist; finish center activities (ISN drawing and Latitude/Longitude worksheet)

M 9/5
Labor Day

T 9/6
Genesis 41-42
Bible: Lesson 4 Day 1-2; Little Book due Monday 12

W 9/7
Detective #3 Archaeologist
Bible: Lesson 4 Day 3

R 9/8
Review for test
Bible: Lesson 4 Day 4
Social Studies: Study for test tomorrow
Social Studies: ISN Notebook check tomorrow

F 9/9
Social Studies Introduction Test
Bible: Lesson 4 Day 5; Little Book due Monday
Social Studies: Fertile Crescent Anticipation Guide due Tuesday

M 9/12
Genesis 43-45
Bible: Lesson 5 Day 1; Memory verse quiz next Monday (Genesis 45:5 and Genesis 49:10 - Both NKJV)

T 9/13
Need for Civilization - Introduction to the Fertile Crescent unit (Flocabulary rap lesson)
Bible: Lesson 5 Day 2
Social Studies Extra Credit: Memorize "We're in that Fertile Crescent Lyrics" for optional memory quiz Friday
Flocabulary - We're in that Fertile Crescent
W 9/14
Finish flocabulary lesson
Bible: Lesson 5 Day 3
Social Studies: Test Corrections (Students make test corrections on the paper copy in red erasable pen. Parent signature needed on the Scantron copy.)

R 9/15
Geography of the Fertile Crescent - Find the Fertile Crescent, Mesopotamia, Iran, Iraq, Assyria, Babylon, etc. on a map
Sidewalk chalk drawings - depending on weather
Irrigation experiment - depending on weather
Bible: Lesson 5 Day 4

F 9/16
Finish geography of Fertile Crescent lesson
Bible: Lesson 5 Day 5; Memory verse quiz Monday!

M 9/19
Genesis 46-50; Memory verse quiz
Bible: Quiz 1 (notebook check) due tomorrow;
Study for test

T 9/20
Jigsaw lesson: How did geographic challenges lead to the rise of city states in Mesopotamia?
Bible: None
Social Studies: Warm-up worksheet

W 9/21
Finish jigsaw lesson
Bible: Study; get study guide signed by parent for extra credit
Social Studies: None

R 9/22
Sumerian religion and social order
Bible: Study

F 9/23
Sumerian achievements: Writing and the Wheel
Bible: Study

M 9/26
Bible review game - Bluff;
Joseph Unit Test
Bible: Ruth Lesson 1 Day 1 (The entire week's worth of homework will be due on Monday. I will no longer collect it every day. Students may now write on the worksheet itself.); Memory Verse quiz Monday, October 3rd (Ruth 1:16-17 in NKJV)
Memory Verse #1: Ruth 1:16-17

T 9/27
(Half day) The Epic of Gilgamesh
Bible: Lesson 1 Day 2
Social Studies: Utnapishtim worksheet; ISN drawing

W 9/28
(NCT field trip)
Hammurabi and Hammurabi's Code
Bible: Lesson 1 Day 3
Social Studies: Clay tablet writing activity

R 9/29
Mesopotamian Empires: Hammurabi and the Babylonians
Bible: Lesson 1 Day 4

F 9/30
Other peoples of the Fertile Crescent
Bible: Lesson 1 Day 5

M 10/3
Ruth 1-2
Bible: Ruth Lesson 2 Day 1 (Ruth Lesson 2 will be due on October 17); Ruth homework packed due Monday, October 24; Joseph test corrections due tomorrow (Corrections in red erasable; parent signature required)

T 10/4
(1/2 day) Mesopotamia movie
Bible: Lesson 2 Day 2
Social Studies: Study for review game and test; prepare ISN for notebook check

W 10/5
(1/2 day) Review game
Bible: Lesson 2 Day 3
Social Studies: Study for test!; prepare ISN for notebook check tomorrow

R 10/6
Fall Break

F 10/7
Fall Break

M 10/10
Fall Break

T 10/11
Fertile Crescent Unit Test
Bible: Lesson 2 Day 4

W 10/12
Land Between the Lakes!

R 10/13
Land Between the Lakes!

F 10/14
Land Between the Lakes!

M 10/17
Ruth 3-4
Bible: Study for Ruth test; Ruth packet due Monday 10/24; get study guide signed for extra credit

T 10/18
Timeline of Ancient Egypt
Social Studies: Ancient Egypt Anticipation Guide

W 10/19
Geography - Physical Map of Egypt

R 10/20
Geography - Tourist attractions of Egypt

F 10/21
Geography - Unification of Egypt; King Menes/Narmer

M 10/24
Ruth Unit Test
Bible: Daniel wkst 1-2 due Monday 31st
Social Studies: Geography quiz tomorrow; Fertile Crescent quiz corrections and parent signature due Wednesday (Corrections are to be done in red erasable on the blank copy of the test. Parent signature goes on the Scantron.)

T 10/25
*Chorus concert field trip
Religion - The gods of Egypt

W 10/26
*Anti-Bullying Flash Mob
Religion - The gods of Egypt
Bible: Ruth unit test corrections and parent signature due tomorrow

R 10/27
Religion - Mummification
Social Studies: Religion quiz Tuesday

F 10/28
Religion - Pyramids
Social Studies: Religion quiz Tuesday; Mummy storyboard due Tuesday

M 10/31
Daniel 1-2
Bible: Daniel wkst 3-4 due Monday 7th; Daniel 2:20-22 memory verse quiz Monday 7th

T 11/1
Achievements: Hieroglyphics, Papyrus, Rosetta Stone
Social Studies: "Walk Like An Egyptian" extra credit memory quiz on Friday
Student made video to the Flocabulary song "Walk Like an Egyptian"
W 11/2
Achievements: Sphinx, Obelisk, Pyramids; Artwork

R 11/3
Politics: Pharaohs and the Social Structure

F 11/4
Field trip to TPAC

M 11/7
No School - Christian Schools Inservice

T 11/8
All School Singing
Daniel 3-4
Bible: Open Notebook Quiz over Daniel 1-4 Monday; Daniel 5-6 worksheet due Monday

W 11/9
Politics: Ramses, Tutankhamen, Khufu/Cheops, Ankhenaton

R 11/10
Politics: Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Cleopatra
Social Studies: Textbook p. 89 (1a, 1b, 1c, 2c, 3a, 3b), p. 95 (1b, 2a, 2b), p.100 (2a, 2b, 3a, 3c), p. 106 (1a, 1c) due Tuesday

F 11/11
Ancient Egypt Vocabulary

M 11/14
Daniel 5-6
Bible: Daniel 6-7 worksheet

T 11/15
Finish Daniel lesson;
Review for Egypt test
Social Studies: Ancient Egypt student created tests due tomorrow

W 11/16
Review for Egypt test
Social Studies: Study for Ancient Egypt test; ISN check tomorrow

R 11/17
Ancient Egypt unit test

F 11/18
Ancient Egypt test corrections in class
Begin unit on India/China

M 11/21
Thanksgiving Break

T 11/22
Thanksgiving Break

W 11/23
Thanksgiving Break

R 11/24
Thanksgiving Break

F 11/25
Thanksgiving Break

M 11/28
Daniel 7
Review for Daniel test
Bible: Daniel Unit Test Mon. 5

T 11/29
Geography of India
Social Studies: Signed papers due Thursday 12/1

W 11/30
Geography of China
Social Studies: Finish map worksheets (omit China #3)

R 12/1
Hinduism and the Caste System

F 12/2

M 12/5
Daniel test; Begin John the Baptist
Bible: Luke 1:5-25 worksheet

T 12/6
Bible: Luke 1:26-56 worksheet

W 12/7
Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism
Bible: Luke 1:57-80 worksheet

R 12/8
Dynasties of China
Bible: Matthew worksheet

F 12/9
Work day for raps
Bible: Mk 1:1-11 and Jn 1:15-30

M 12/12
Overview of John the Baptist in preparation for spring semester
Bible: Signed and corrected Daniel test

T 12/13
(Amqui Elementary Service Project)
Silk Road Simulation
Social Studies: All props and/or costumes for the rap battles must be approved by tomorrow.

W 12/14
Silk Road Simulation/Prepare for Rap Battle

R 12/15
Rap Battle performances!!!t; India/China unit wrap-up

F 12/16
1/2 Day - Christmas Party

W 1/4
Introduction to Greek Mythology

R 1/5
Greek Gods and Goddesses
Greek Gods and Goddesses coloring page

F 1/6
Greek Gods and Goddesses continued
Mythological Barbie

M 1/9
Morals of Greek Mythology
*Certain students will be chosen to practice reading lines for tomorrow's Reader's Theater on Theseus and the Minotaur

T 1/10
History Becomes Legend - Theseus and Jason
Study notes

W 1/11
Greek Literature - Homer, Iliad, and Odyssey
In-class listening guide

R 1/12
Substitute lesson - What Does the Textbook Say? game
Section 3 Quiz (worksheet)

F 1/13
Snow Day!!!

M 1/16
MLK Day - No School

T 1/17
Gifts from the Gods (Greek word origins)
This is the last of the information that will be included on the Mythology test.

W 1/18
Geography of Greece (Scribble Maps lesson)
In-class worksheet

R 1/19
Minoan Culture (Prezi lesson)

F 1/20
Review for Mythology Test

M 1/23
Mythology Test

T 1/24
Mycenaean lesson
Study notes

W 1/25
City-states (Athens and Sparta)

R 1/26
Athens and Sparta Debate

F 1/27
Special presentation of Greek and Roman myths by Miss Earheart

M 1/30
Athenian Government (Ostracism simulation)
Test and Quiz corrections

T 1/31
Persian and Peloponnesian War

W 2/1
Persian and Peloponnesian War
Optional extra credit preparation for the Reader's Theater

R 2/2
Alexander the Great (Reader's Theater)
In-class Listening Guide

F 2/3
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great Report Card

M 2/6
Review of Greece's History
Timeline of Greece Little Book

T 2/7
Achievements of Greece Simulation
In-class Listening Guide

W 2/8
Achievements of Greece continued

R 2/9
The Seven Wonders of the World

F 2/10
The Seven Wonders of the World
Seven Wonders worksheet

M 2/13
Review Game - Who Wants To Be a Historian?

T 2/14
Ancient Greece Unit Test
Valentine's Donut and Milk Party

W 2/15
The Foundation of Rome
In-class participation guide

R 2/16
Geography of Rome
Special Spirit Dress-up Day

F 2/17
Early Republic and Challenges
Bring games for the Punic Wars next Wednesday!

M 2/20
President's Day - No School

T 2/21
Roman Army

W 2/22
Punic Wars

R 2/23
Gladiators; Spartacus
In-class worksheet using the iPads

F 2/24
Roman Mosaics
Career Day

M 2/27
Crisis in the Roman Republic

T 2/28
From Republic to Empire: Julius Caesar
Eph. 6:13-17 Memory Quiz
CSI notebook

W 2/29
From Republic to Empire: Octavian Augustus

R 3/1
Pax Romana and Achievements
Ch. 10 Vocabulary Quiz
Field trip to the Nashville Public Library

F 3/2
Other Roman Emperors
In-class jigsaw activity

M 3/5
Stanford Review
Crossword Puzzle due Thursday

T 3/6
Stanford Review

W 3/7
Stanford Review

R 3/8
Stanford Review
Double Puzzle due tomorrow

F 3/9
Roman Tribune: Empire Edition
In-class newspaper assignment

M 3/12
Octavian Augustus; Pax Romana; Introduce Brochure Activity
In-class listening guide

T 3/13
Pax Romana and Achievements (Brochure activity)

W 3/14
Pax Romana and Achievements (Brochure activity)
In-class brochure activity

R 3/15
Emperors and End of the Empire

F 3/16
Open-Book Test Ancient Rome

M 2/26
Decline of Rome - Introduction to the Middle Ages

T 2/27
Christianity: From Rome to the Middle Ages
Ancient Rome Open-Book Test Corrections

W 2/28
Feudalism and Manor Life: Knights and Chivalry

R 2/29
Feudalism and Manor Life continued

F 2/30
Roman World vs. Feudal World

M 4/2
Dark Ages; Charlemagne
Charlemagne's Facebook Profile

T 4/3
Popes vs. Kings

W 4/4

R 4/5

F 4/6
Good Friday - No School

M 4/9

T 4/10
Christianity and Medieval Society

W 4/11
Political and Social Change

R 4/12
The Bubonic Plague

F 4/13
Review Day

M 4/16
Middle Ages Unit Test; Introduction to the Renaissance

T 4/17
Leonardo da Vinci mirror writing

W 4/18
Michelangelo Sistine Chapel painting

R 4/19
Raphael Portraits
Test corrections

F 4/20
Donatello carvings (Bowling party)

M 4/23
Leonardo da Vinci (Science)

T 4/24

W 4/25

R 4/26

F 4/27
Science in the Renaissance
In-class debate